Get Involved

By getting involved with CIVIC, you will have the opportunity to engage with people from around the globe and become an essential part of the citizen diplomat community.


Become a citizen diplomat by joining CIVIC! Membership in CIVIC helps to sustain the vitality of our organization but also offers the opportunity to engage with international visitors.  CIVIC events include an annual dinner, Meet and Greets with international visitors, priority scheduling... read more


Anyone can help CIVIC fulfill its mission by participating in citizen diplomacy.  As a citizen diplomat, you can help provide a meaningful and memorable experience to each international visitor!  Check out our different ways to volunteer with CIVIC... read more


Interns play a critical role in the success of CIVIC’s mission. Internships are volunteer, but offer significant professional development opportunities. Internships permit students to work in a professional setting, contribute in significant ways to the operations of a non-profit organization... read more